RATIOS, a visionary future


Have a look of Clean Sky 2’s RATIOS project video to see how the RATIOS team (Delta Interior, Studio Volpi and Leonardo) envisages the regional aircraft cabin of the future

RATIOS finalizes innovative, weight and space-saving cabin configuration

Clean Sky 2’s RATIOS project; the final configuration was recently completed. The futuristic design endeavors to optimize travel times while maximizing the passengers’ flight experience and, of course, reducing weight and improving eco-compliance thanks to the use of new technologies and materials.

RATIOS: We’re at the final level of the game

RATIOS: We’re at the final level of the game - The-final-level-of-the-game_COVER-720x600

In this article, we describe the final design concept for aircraft interior, that Ratios partners will finalize and bring to life, in order to make the flight experience more comfortable

When design gets inspiration from nature

When design gets inspiration from nature - chandelier-Exhale-by-Julian-Melchiorri

The nature that surrounds us instinctively grows, changes, uses resources to create and re-create always something useful. Humans should learn from it in order to live better.