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Clean Sky 2’s RATIOS project (to which Delta Interior is the Project Coordinator) is designing the cabin interior of the future for regional aircraft

In order to address some of the ‘pain points’ that passengers encounter every day on regional aircraft, a human-centred design approach was adopted from the very beginning of the project. 

Different cabin architecture concepts and layouts were created along with selected styling concepts. Once the most promising concept was defined and selected, the team performed an overall feasibility study and carried out material and technology scouting and assessment. 

The passenger experience was always at the heart of the design and to that end RATIOS also carried out color and lighting research and tested the optimal integration of digital technologies. 

By leveraging new upcoming technologies, solutions and materials that were identified in 2035 scenarios, the team is creating breakthrough innovative concepts and cabin solutions, in particular examining the fusion between physical features and digital/virtual technologies. 

After a series of refinements, the final configuration was developed. A 3D virtual model was built presenting detailed definition of geometries and aesthetic and visible details of the passenger cabin items and surfaces. 

Next steps will involve the implementation of the 3D virtual model and the full-scale physical mock-up in order to run the test validation phase with virtual reality technology. This will involve a selected group of end-users representing the different categories of passengers. 

Delta Interior - Ratios Project, cabin storage
Delta Interior – Ratios Project, cabin storage

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RATIOS project video

Have a look of Clean Sky 2’s RATIOS project video to see how the RATIOS team (Delta Interior, Studio Volpi and Leonardo) envisages the regional aircraft cabin of the future

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