Maintenance and refurbishment


Continuous airworthiness services by Delta Interior Design are renowned and appreciated by the Business Aviation community, especially as it is qualified to perform on-site repairs and/or modifications, thus reducing aircraft downtime. Since the very beginning, seat refurbishment and overhaul have been among main activities of Delta Interior.

Our team is trained to perform disassemble, clean, incorporate improvements and/or modification, and reassemble, test, and deliver all types of seating according to the relevant procedures.

Side panels, seats, partitions, galleys and monuments are the main items of interest in this undertaking since they require the same high standards of comfort, coziness, completion and technology contents because of their similarity with the ones in business jets.

Delta Interior standard procedure assists the Customer on-site during the maintenance and supports the aircraft Operators throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition to maintenance, Delta Interior Design has a great experience in refurbishment. Whether you require minor changes such as carpet modifications on existing interiors, new equipment, lighting changes, or want to create an entirely new interior for your aircraft, we can do it all.

maintenance and refurbishment capability

Delta Interior Design maintenance and refurbishment capability include:

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