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Aestheticity (in the sense of uncompromised commitment to aesthetics) is a word that doesn’t exist in the English vocabulary. Though, together with Functionality, it does express the trademarks of Italian Style and the core philosophy of Delta Interior Design.

Every noble craftsman’s art is mastered by our experienced workers and the appreciated external specialists contributing to our production team.

Aesthetic and Functionality

This applies to the general and detailed cabin design and styling – from the choice of materials and finishing to color and trim, down to the minute handicraft such as cushions, blankets, table-linen, cutlery, etc.

Everything is conceived for safety, durability and pleasurableness. Recently, we have partnered with a renowned Italian stylist to design and produce crew uniforms. The latter are also part items of our special offer of a whole cultural-oriented package, available under request.

Hundreds of airplanes and helicopters have been completed, refurbished, and serviced to provide and maintain a unique elegant and classy style. These services have also been made available to airlines, supporting them in harmonizing the whole environment of their Business and First Class cabins while upgrading and updating them to the current technical standards.

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