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20.01.20 - Trend design report - Wellness ratios - Wellness - Yoga_CathayPacific-720x600

Aviation trend design report: Wellness

Our project ambition is to address the main pain points of traveling, in order to transform the in-between moment of the trip into a desirable, complete time. Sleeping issues, noise reduction and space will be our project focus.

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RATIOS - The Exciting Part Of Design Research, Trend-Hunting Report - Trend-hunting-research-720x600

The Exciting Part Of Design Research: Trend-Hunting Report

It’s a hyper-qualitative market research which main purpose is to identify major innovations emerging globally. It has to deal with every market industry, not only aircrafts, which makes it super interesting as long as it features people insights, ideas and latent needs that eventually may be applied to our research as well.

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