Aviation trend design report: Eco-consciousness

20.02.10 - Trend design report - Eco-consciousness

We are quite excited to share with you some of the evidences from our trend design research. 
As we already wrote researchers identified 4 main trends, that may influence Aircrafts Interior Design. 

Here we outline the Eco-consciousness trend

Green trends are at the forefront

Evidence: Has anyone ever heard about the battle against plastic in the ocean? From the simple awareness of the problem, most people are shifting towards an action against plastic.  

When it comes to traveling, we cannot say it is environment friendly, but airlines can manage to reduce the impact of it. And people are likely to embrace it, because it makes them feel better and less “guilty”! 

20.02.10 - Trend design report - Eco-consciousness
Aviation trend design report – Eco-consciousness

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