LARA Magazine dedicated its latest cover to the RATIOS project

LARA - Ratios _ Delta Interior 01 Cover Page

Regional aircraft cabins could soon be very different from those we are used to!
LARA Magazine, a global aviation and aerospace media provider, has dedicated its latest cover to the RATIOS project.

What would you think if, stepping on board of one of the aeroplanes of the future, the overhead lockers were no longer aligned along the top of the fuselage, but they were transversally placed with an allocated space for each seat? 
And what if the cushion turned, allowing us to stretch our legs with our belts fastened?

Delta Interior, together with Studio Volpi and Leonardo developed a creative and innovative project to address the “economy class syndrome”, considering that airlines require to use every space available in the cabin.

The article by Alex Preston focuses on how the RATIOS project rethought the way interiors of commercial aircraft cabins are designed. 

Full article at Page 18 ➡️

LARA - Ratios _ Delta Interior 01 Cover Page
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